An area the size of croke park dipappears every second.

Just €2 will protect an area of rain forest the size of Croke Park

Start your own SOPP GANG to help establish woodlands here in Ireland and protect people and wildlife in an area of rainforest the

Size of Phoenix Park.

SOPP Gangs with the most members and rainforest saved will have their reward-its a surprise!  Ask all your family, friends, neighbors and associates - in fact ask everyone and anyone you know (even the dog) to join your gang. May the best gang win!

SOPP is all about protecting natural resources for our children



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Thank you all our supporters, we can make a difference.


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a part of the Gang & do your part against climate change.

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Download our Forests and Climate Change poster and see how your actions can help!

“Climate change threatens to be one of the great injustices we inflict on our grandchildren.

Until there is greater demand from people in all walks of life for meaningful action on climate change, political leaders will continue to be able to return home from unsuccessful climate conferences with little fear of retribution.”

Mary Robinson former President of Irelanf and UN Commissioner for Human Rights

Let’s get Involved!

Suggestions for fun fund-raising events:

Tree (Pub) Quiz-linking our love of quizzes to our love of nature

Sound of Wood Concert-linking our love of music to our dependance on 'tonewoods' for our beautiful musical instruments

Forest Walk- linking our dependance on forests for recreation

Natural Fabrics Fashion Show-linking our dependance on nature for our fabrics

Clash Of The Ash Hurling Game-linking our dependance on wood for our National sport


“The World’s Forests are a Shared Stolen Treasure that we must put back for Our Children’s Future.”

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

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