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Global demands on traditional timber supplies are increasing on a daily basis. Ireland urgently needs to become self-sufficient it our future timber needs. Through photosynthesis trees absorb carbon dioxide to produce oxygen and wood. 

By supporting the Just CARBON SOPP Project you will be helping to:

Sequester CO2 emissions
Provide wildlife habitats
Plant native Irish trees
Support tree planting programs in Africa
Provide livelihood support to African communities
Enhance the natural Irish landscape
Provide firewood in Ireland and in Africa
Provide a supply of construction timber
Give back some of what we have taken from tropical countries

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Future timber supply:

Supporting our Just CARBON 'Size of the Phoenix Park' (SOPP) tree planting program and rainforest conservation project not only helps sequester your carbon emissions but also ensures you are leaving a supply of timber that can be used for firewood and for construction needs into the future for many communities around the world including in Ireland.

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