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The Phoenix Park consists of 1750 acres and if you multiply that 200 times you get a picture of just how much forests we have taken from developing economies - and we have being doing it for 350 years at least.

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Think! Think! Think natural resources and  check out our new primary school resource Thinking TREES!

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Ecological Footprinting-where does the timber used in your school come from?

 Taking Action on the Environment - An School Action Project

Ecological footprints are an interesting individual exercise, but they can also be used as a platform for debating environmental issues. Sion Hill Dominican College, a school in south Dublin (Ireland), hosted such a project throughout 2007/8 through its development education group 'Alive'.

We [Sion Hill School, Dublin] organised a workshop with Just Forests to look at where the timber in our school came from.

For more on how your school can develop a project visit Development Education Ireland

A Word about Timber’s Carbon Footprint

Very positive statements have been made about the carbon credintials of wood against other building materials such as aluminium, steel and concrete. However, it must be understood that the carbon credentials of wood are greatly reduced when wood is transported from great distances.

It is therefore essential that in order to promote and capatalise on the positive carbon credentials of wood it should be home-grown. Alternatively, if home-grown wood is not available always insist on FSC certified wood at least that way you can be guaranteed that the wood is coming from responsibly managed forests that takes economic, social and environmental considerations on-board.

 Thinking TREES is OUT Now:

Our NEW school resource pack Thinking TREES will help you to carry out a wood audit in your school. Knowing where the wood in your school or home comes from often helps you measure your carbon footprint. 



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