Just €2 will protect an area of rain forest the size of Croke Park

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“Climate change threatens to be one of the great injustices we inflict on our grandchildren.

Until there is greater demand from people in all walks of life for meaningful action on climate change, political leaders will continue to be able to return home from unsuccessful climate conferences with little fear of retribution.”

Mary Robinson former President of Irelanf and UN Commissioner for Human Rights

We love it that people in Ireland want to join us to help protect tropical forests and are very happy to help Just Carbon get going. It will take more than Wales and Ireland to protect the world’s forests but between us we can set a good example to the rest of the world.


Every time supporters of Just Carbon donate another £707 to help protect another 707 Hectares (the size of Phoenix Park) between now and March 31st 2013 we will match it pound for pound or euro for euro and give it to one of the twenty forest conservation projects we are supporting.


Once it takes off we can allocate one particular forest area that Irish contributions will go to so you will know exactly where the tropical Phonenix Parks are. Many thanks to Just Forests for making this happen.

Hannah Scrase,

Director of tropical forest charity

Size of Wales.

Events are a great fun way of showcasing the multiplicity of talent that abounds here in Ireland. As a nation we are passionate about the causes we support.

The following are suggestions on the kinds of events that can be held with the dual purpose of education/awareness and raising funds to make SOPP happen-join us. 

- Can you imagine a world without our beautiful musical instruments?

Organise a Sound of Wood Concert and the funds raised will be ringfenced to support the sustainable management of our beloved 'tonewoods' - such as: Rosewood, African Blackwood, Pernambuco, Satinwood, Ebony and so on.... Coming SOON-news on our proposed ANNUAL Sound of Wood Concerts...

- We just love dressing up in costumes!

Organise a rainforest party and support your local pub - the funds raised will be channelled towards poverty alleviation activities for families living in rainforests-see pictures here of the costumes worn during the Rainforest Week held in Tullamore in 1995 - do you recognise anyone?

- Write a song or a poem or produce a video about trees!

We are steeped in song and verse. It is our lovely way of expressing our feelings on issues that concern us in a very socially-acceptable way. Nanci Griffith - Joyce Kilmer - Michael Jackson did exactly that. Why don't you? The best song and poem will be featured as the 'mission' song and poem for the SOPP Project. So come on get creative!

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Fancy Dress

The WOLFTRAP Bar in  Tullamore will host a

Jungle Evening

in January 2013-date to be confirmed. Their website.....