The campaign will have great public appeal as the Phoenix Park celebrates its 350th Anniversary in 2012.

The Phoenix Park consists of 1750 acres and if you multiply that 200 times you get a picture of just how much forests we have taken from developing economies - and we have being doing it for 350 years at least.

For every €10 you give Size of wales will double it to €20


Ending poverty starts with US

Just €2 will protect an area of rain forest the size of Croke Park

SOPP is all about protecting natural resources for our children


Anyone who wishes can support Size of Phoenix Park is as many ways as creativity allows. Universities, second level colleges, primary and secondary schools, charities, NGO’s, government departments, small, medium and large business, in fact anyone can get involved.

Broadly speaking there are two distinct partner groups and in some cases both overlap-in other words you can be involved in both groups.



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Thank you all our supporters, we can make a difference.


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There are as many reasons to plant a tree as there are species of trees. So, come on and:

Plant a tree for Sport
Plant a tree for Music
Plant a tree for a Wedding
Plant a tree for a Christening
Plant a tree for a Birthday
Plant a tree for an Anniversary
Plant a tree for a Retirement
Plant a tree for Friend
Plant a tree for Yourself
Plant a tree for Life
Trees had special associations for the Celts and they assigned specific trees to each month on their 13 month calendar. The list below shows the birth tree associated with each month.

• Birch : Dec 24 - Jan 20
• Rowan : Jan 21 - Feb 17
• Ash : Feb 18 - March 17
• Alder : March 18 - April 14
• Willow : April 15 - May 12
• Hawthorn: May 13 - June 9
• Oak : June 10 - July 7
• Holly : July 8 - Aug 4
• Hazel : Aug 5 - Sept 1
• Vine : Sept 2 - Sept 29
• Ivy : Sept 30 - Oct 27
• Reed : Oct 28 - Nov 24
• Elder : Nov 25 - Dec 23

It's an astonishing fact that an area of rainforest the size of Croke Park disappears every second. Illegal logging is often seen as one of the driving forces.


2EURO will help protect one hectare of rainforest - that's the same size as Croke Park.


It’s time to play fair and give people in developing countries a fair deal and a fair price for their forest resources.


Micheal O Muircheartaigh,

Sports Commentator, Teacher, Author and

Patron of Just Forests

We love it that people in Ireland want to join us to help protect tropical forests and are very happy to help Just Carbon get going. It will take more than Wales and Ireland to protect the world’s forests but between us we can set a good example to the rest of the world.


Every time supporters of Just Carbon donate another €1414 to help protect another 707 Hectares (the size of Phoenix Park) between now and March 31st 2013 we will match it pound for pound or euro for euro and give it to one of the twenty forest conservation projects we are supporting.


Once it takes off we can allocate one particular forest area that Irish contributions will go to so you will know exactly where the tropical Phoenenix Parks are. Many thanks to Just Forests for making this happen.


Hannah Scrase,

Director of tropical forest charity

Size of Wales.


• Manufacture 5 pounds of pure oxygen per day.
• Consume CO2 to fight the Greenhouse Effect that threatens our survival.
• Provide the cooling equivalent of 10 room-sized air conditioning units.
• Reduce fossil fuels used for heating & cooling.
• Collect pollutants from the air.
• Reduce noise pollution.
• Produce homes for birds and small animals.
• Enrich surrounding soil.
• Prevent soil erosion

We can make a difference...

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Forest Project Partners

Supporting Partners

Just Forests are extremely grateful to our Supporting Members for their time, effort and financial support in helping us in this timely but enormous challenge. They do so in so many different ways and includes:

  1. -promoting Size of Phoenix Park through their social networks

  2. -raising funds for tree planting and rain forest conservation

  3. -linking to our website

  4. -sponsoring promotional materials

  5. -sponsoring events

  6. -establishing SOPP Gangs

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Just Forests is delighted to partner with Welsh Charity 'SIZE OF WALES' to protect tropical rain forests.

Just Forests is delighted to partner with Irish  Charity 'NATIVE WOODLAND TRUST’ to protect and increase Ireland’s woodland cover.

If you wish to be a  Forest Project Partner please contact us